Exhibition Tour: New Media Gallery
April 13, 2019

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Exhibition Tour at New Media Gallery
April 13, 2019


Please join us for an exhibition tour of magnetic.T at New Media Gallery.


This exhibition details how five artists have used magnets, magnetism and magnetic fields to create profound and fascinating works of art that reference music & sound, migrations, attraction, resistance and power.


This quality of ‘a living thing’; of something imbued with agency, is palpable in all four works. Without prior knowledge the works could almost be alive, haunted or mechanized. They breathe, take shape and reform; play as if internally motivated; are drawn and pulled in directions by something unseen or held suspended by invisible forces. The tension between agency and suspension is a distinctive characteristic of this group of works.


An important element of this exhibition is the notion that something hidden has the uncanny ability to exert an unyielding force or cause change: the hidden device, a hidden power or presence, or a hidden method of operation. The ability to control the unseen; the exertion of force or power in ways that are not always discernible is ever present. The connections with other more worldly manifestations of power, repulsion and attraction are inescapable and timely.