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Salon Series

The New Art Patron

As part of the Contemporary Art Society of Vancouver’s 40th year anniversary we present to you  an exciting new series that speaks to a variety of topics on the art of collecting. As part of our mandate to promote an appreciation and understanding of Contemporary Art, we examine the significance that collectors have in shaping our culture and cities, as well as the careers of both emerging and established artists. This series offers practical information towards acquiring your first works of art, as well as maintaining, caring for and exhibiting your collection. A diverse selection of panelists comprised of collectors, consultants, gallerists, artists, appraisers and  insurers offer a multifaceted and critical engagement with collecting art.
The global economy and digital culture that we live in was hard to imagine twenty years ago. The collector of today is well connected, technology savvy, highly educated and well positioned to influence others through his/her taste, knowledge and style. Our selection of panelists will provide inside information and best practices on starting a collection, as well as developing relationships with artists, galleries and art professionals who will assist in your journey as an art collector!