Join us for an afternoon tour of four Chinatown art spaces on Saturday January 24th.

The tour starts at 1pm, and will last approximately 3-3.5 hours. 
Below are the spaces that we will be visiting, as well as a bit of exhibition info. 
The tour will start at Unit/Pitt Projects at 1:00pm.

See you there!


The tour will take in four galleries: Gam Gallery, Unit/Pitt Projects, Gallery Gachet, and The Apartment. At each space the directors/curators will give a brief talk on the mandate of the organisation, a selection of artists will also be on hand to discuss their work in the respective exhibitions that their work is featured in.

Gam Gallery is located within and fronts ACME Studios in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Reflecting the artistic community in which it is located, the Gam operates as a gallery, studio space, small boutique and venue. Since its inception in December 2009, Gam Gallery has strove to foster a social environment where emerging artists can exhibit, create and make lasting relationships. Programming includes a monthly schedule of exhibitions and games nights in the gallery as well as theatre and music events, model drawing, film screenings and community markets. The Gam was founded by Jasmine Colette, Tarah Hogue, Julia Kreutz and Jamie Reid. 

On Exhibit at Gam: Trevor Van den Eijnden will have a solo exhibition. Van den Eijnden is an MFA candidate in his second year at Emily Carr. He is a Canadian visual artist, writer, and designer. Van den Eijnden’s work assembles referents of the Anthropocene into visual iterations focused on the constructs of space versus place, where the first is a one-dimensional physical location, and the later is the overlapping subjective terrain. His current work centers on collecting, and comparing naturalist wallpapers for their romanticized illusions of nature as well as grappling with the effects of global climate change in the extremes of dystopic and utopic plausible futures. 

Image taken by @crompsy

Unit/Pitt Projects has been a mainstay in Chinatown for years. Formerly the Helen Pitt Gallery, Unit/Pitt is a non-profit artist-run centre dedicated to the promotion of experimental contemporary art that addresses social, political, cultural, and critical issues. Based in visual art practice, Unit/Pitt’s programming goes beyond the presentation of exhibitions, branching out into media, telecommunications, public actions, publishing, music and performance. We support and assist in the development of artists’ curatorial projects, concentrating on a limited set of projects each year. 

On exhibit at Unit/Pitt, a group exhibition entitled The Facility for Consideration, featuring work by Derek Coulombe, Tom Hsu, Kary Kleinmann, and Lida Pawliuk.

Gallery Gachet an artist-run centre committed to demystifying and challenging issues related to mental health and social marginalization in order to educate the public and promote social and economic justice through artistic means. Our gallery and studio space, precariously balanced in a neighbourhood undergoing advanced gentrification, has emerged as a symbol of creative refuge and artist-driven authenticity. 

On exhibit at Gallery Gachet: Oddities – a group show featuring the work the gallery’s members: Afuwa, d.June Conley, Rebecca Chunn, Cherise Clarke, Lara Fitzgerald, Edzy Edzed, Murray Huehn, Kara Lee, Pierre Leichner, Peter Lojewski, Laurie Marshall, Carmen Ostrander, Mary O’Toole, Bruce Ray, Karen Ward, and Ilir Xhediku.

The Apartment was founded in 2006 in a modernist one bedroom apartment situated in the bucolic landscape of Vancouver BC. Embracing the modernist aspiration of integrating art and daily life, our program was grounded in an active interest in the history of modernism and its dialogue with the contemporary.  After 7 years in a domestic setting, the gallery has expanded to a store front in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown to continue its program of international projects as well as its work with a roster of artists who reflect our interest in the dissenting conceptualist avant garde of the 60s and 70s and its impact on current practice and dialogues. The Apartment exhibits work internationally at LA Paris Photo, Art Los Angeles Contemporary and NADA Miami. 

On exhibit at The Apartment: Vikky Alexander’s The Temptation of St. Anthony.

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