Virtual Artist Talk with Guntaj Deep Singh
January 24, 2022

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Virtual Artist Talk: Guntaj Deep Singh

January 24, 2022



Please join us for a virtual artist talk with artist Guntaj Deep Singh. 


Born and raised in Punjab, India, Guntaj Deep Singh is a Vancouver based, self-taught queer artist who nourishes his imagination through his passion for fusing art and poetry- using the pursuit of art as a means to capture the pursuit of life. In his eyes, the purest form of art emerges from the very essence of human existence – emotions, the proof that we are conscious & living, which constantly reflects in his artistic desires & expression aiming to convey the distinctiveness of consciousness as really experienced in immediate fragments during our lives-  inducing conversations around culture, parallelism & the human condition.


His visual art is consummated through creating a blend of fundamental drawing elements (pencil, charcoal, oil paints) combined with digital tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator & Leonardo – all working together in an aesthetic marriage of image & emotion – sliced from material both expository- the physical & social context in which he operates & the emotional- a more reflective and philosophical dimension.


Image credit: Mavreen David, Vancouver Mural Festival 


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