Gallery Tour at Or Gallery
November 27, 2021

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Tour: Or Gallery 

November 27 2021 


Please join us for a tour of wave hands, like clouds, not eyes


“wave hands, like clouds, not eyes” is an exhibition by Serena Lee that offers an atmosphere of sound, scent, and substances in flux, reflecting the feeling of taijiquan internal martial arts practice, Daoist principles and yin yang cosmology. This ‘speculative spa’ convenes Vancouver artists and invites guests to take off their shoes, recalibrate their senses and experience of time in an intimate, immersive space. Playfully critical of the neo-liberal imperative of relaxation towards optimized productivity, this ‘spa’ is a slippery and contradictory space, reflecting the healing and martial nature of taijiquan — and embraces the qualities of sinking, rising, expanding, flowing, and emptying, as aspects of an embodied knowledge practice that softly resists colonial logic.


Serena holds an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and Associate Certification in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Canada. Active with various Canadian cultural organizations, she works as an educator in Experiential Learning at OCAD University. Serena is third-generation Chinese-Canadian and was born in Toronto.


Image courtesy of Serena Lee, 2021



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