Artist Talk: Lesley Anderson
September 18, 2019

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Artist Talk at Art Rental & Sales, Vancouver Art Gallery
September 18, 2019


CASV members are invited to join the Young Associates of the Vancouver Art Gallery for an artist talk with Art Rental & Sales artist Lesley Anderson.


In her process-based studio practice, Anderson draws inspiration from the language of her materials, dripping and pouring on her surfaces before drawing and painting shapes overtop. Sometimes her layers obscure her process, but often they’re evident through and between forms. 


Reflecting on transformational narratives from Greek mythology, Anderson presents a body of work filled with symbolism from myths in which female subjects undergo or catalyze extraordinary transformations. Through these abstracted narratives and symbolic representations, Anderson reflects on depictions of femininity, and on the diverse, defiant and formidable representations of feminine transformational power.


For Anderson, dripping, splashing and pouring are a form of recording action on her surfaces that imbue her work with process and time. As the work unfolds for the viewer, the surface reveals an internal memory – an embodiment of lived experience. Mark making for her is a way of leaving a mark, to enforce her own presence and being in the world. The curvilinear shapes she draws overtop are biomorphic and indeterminate, reminiscent of matter between states.


Anderson’s work is on view in the Art Rental & Sales Showroom until November 8th, 2019. 


Image credit: Lesley Anderson, Daphne (detail), 36”x 4”, Ink and Acrylic on Canvas, 2019.