Studio visit with:

Mike Bourscheid

Saturday, November 26, 2016

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“Growing up in Luxembourg, my youth was immersed in storytelling, fairy tales and the personal heroics of daily pub culture. My hometown was small and conservative. Like most small towns, the pubs were the epicentre of drama, where suppressed social and political tensions were released through telling jokes. Sometimes the only way to express yourself honestly in a conservative environment was through the guise of humour.

In my present body of work, I carefully translate my heritage through sculpture, costume, photography and performance. I frequently use my body as a reference in my work, either directly, as in self-portraiture, or suggestively through sculpture and photography. My work, like the pub, is the site wherein I express darker social and political concerns through the device of humour. My projects are heavily process-based so as to allow time for intuitions and decisions to converge in response to my subject and material. I tend to think of each body of work as a book for which I must construct thoughtful structures and interesting characters.”

MIKE BOURSCHEID lives and works in Luxembourg and Vancouver. He holds an MFA from the University of Arts Berlin (UdK). In his present body of work, Bourscheid translates his heritage through sculpture, photography, and performance. He was recently nominated to represent Luxembourg at the Venice Biennale.


image: Getting Ready for the Venice Biennale, c-print, sculpture, costume, 2016