Artist talk with:

Paul Housley

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Paul Housley (b. 1964 Stalybridge, England)
Paul Housley’s magpie paintings adopt and often combine the iconic styles of past masters like Velazquez, Picasso, and Rembrandt. His intensely gestural paintings are not ironic appropriations, but troubled homages to art history’s most celebrated geniuses. Although his paintings recall the glorified Gods of painting, Housley opts for self-deprecating humor over grandiloquence. Modest in scale, his expressive paintings often feature un-heroic subjects like toy figurines, cats, and stuffed animals. His portraits portray ambiguous, blurred out faces. They do not represent particular people as much as tropes handed down throughout the history of painting. Housley has shown across Europe and in the United Kingdom. He has had solo exhibitions at ZieherSmith and Sunday Gallery in New York City.

Housley received an MA Painting, from the Royal College of Art, 1995, a BA Fine Art (hons), from Sheffield City Polytechnic, 1986, and Fine Art Foundation, from Tameside College of Art and Technology, 1982.