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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Join us for our last event of 2015!

We will be celebrating the past year with a special preview of Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva’s exhibition SIGNALS at Wil Aballe Art Projects. Sassoon and Silva will be present to give an artist talk about the exhibition and after the talk, stay for drinks and canapés.

SIGNALS is an on­going collaborative project featuring a series of video works by artists Rick Silva and Nicolas Sassoon. The project revisits a broad and persistent theme in both Sassoon and Silva’s practices; the depiction and alteration of nature through computer technology. Within the project, each video work presents a dynamic simulation of an ocean view infused with a seemingly oily substance, replicating the visions of an oil spill in open waters. Produced by pairing complementary fields of research from both artists in computer imaging each video work is associated to a humming soundtrack suggesting a technological presence within the natural setting.

For this second iteration, the project takes form as a projection based single­channel installation coupled to a soundtrack. Each component (3D, texture and sound) is re­organized within the installation, deconstructing the artificial seascape and objectifying it as a man­made structure. Each element becomes readable separately as well as combined all­together. The final work is exhibited as a composite video projection, while separate channels (3D, texture, sound) are displayed aside on dedicated screens and outlets.

Both based in the Pacific Northwest, Silva and Sassoon reflect upon their relationship to their natural surroundings by bringing to light a simulated ecological ruin as a gesture of contemplation towards an environment subject to perpetual human alteration. The manifestation of the work in space is also the opportunity for the artist to expand on notions of monumentality and immersion through technology as environments for human life.

Sedition interview with Nicholas Sassoon and Rick Silva­sassoon­and­rick­silva/news/interview­with­nicolas­sassoon­rick­silva

We look forward to celebrating the end of 2015 with you and looking forward to 2016!

IMAGE CREDIT:  Image is a previous iteration of the work rendered as public art on 16 screens in the Financial District in Toronto in the lobby of 130 Adelaide St. West.