Artist talk with:

Brent Comber

Saturday, May 5, 2012

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We are pleased to announce a studio visit with Vancouver artist and designer Brent Comber.

The inspiration for Brent’s pieces stems from his connection to the basic material used in his work.  This connecting has everything to do with personal history, sense of place in the region and the community in which Brent was born.

Brent sees wood as a language rather than as a functional building material. His ability to take material and transform it so that we can see it from a different perspective speaks to his desire to alter perceptions and awaken new ways of thinking. The material is a canvas that allows him to reveal the symbolic journey that connects people to each other, as well as to themselves.  It is his interpretation of the natural world that drives Brent to create pieces that reflect the stories that surround him.

Comber is representd by Jennifer Kostuik Gallery in Vancouver.