Monday, March 30, 2015

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Join the CASV for a tour of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel’s Contemporary Art Collection.

Even before you enter Fairmont Pacific Rim, you will be captivated by its exterior. Two pieces – one by hotel architect and photographer James Cheng that creates the illusion of a forest; the other, by British artist Liam Gillick, a hypnotic, continuous thread of words encircling the facade from floors five to 22. A third public art installation by internationally-heralded design firm, Bocci and artist Omer Arbel now graces the hotel entrance. These works speak to the art and artistry of the hotel’s growing international collection.

Under the direction of owners/developers, Westbank and the Peterson Group, the collection is not themed, rather driven by interest and passion. Started in 2010 with the hotel’s opening, the collection includes works by Neil Campbell, James Cheng, Liam Gillick, Fred Herzog, Zhang Huan, Ian Wallace and Joseph Wu. The collection underlines a deep commitment to bringing art and artists into all aspects of the hotel’s design and development.

Priority has been placed on showcasing the best of local Vancouver artists – of particular note – Fred Herzog, Ian Wallace, Neil Campbell and Adad Hannah. At the same time, international works by Liam Gillick and Zhang Huan have been selected. Commissioned new works also hold pride of place – the current most notable example is a work by Neil Campbell in The Lobby Lounge.

Whether you are captivated by the works that hang on the walls, the ever-changing piece poised prominently above the bar, the exterior or touchable pieces, the artistry of Fairmont Pacific Rim is all encompassing, bringing back the traditional union of art and architecture.